curselikeamothertrucker asked: Hey I love your mini griffin!! You said its first in a series can you tag them all the same thing so i can track the tag i'd love to see more :33 (please message me back directly or i probably wont see the answer lol

curselikeamothertrucker Sure thing! I’ll use #mini myths to keep track of all of them :) A new one will be out pretty soon.

rae-the-little-owl asked: Your artwork is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much. :) Do you by chance have another page (like Facebook) that I can follow too? Keep up the excellent work!

Wow, thanks for the compliment! It’s a funny thing that you should mention Facebook. I actually opened up a page about a week ago (no joke!). There isn’t much there right now but I plan to update that fairly often with my work, progress, and maybe answer questions and give advice from time to time. I also started up a Society6 shop and plan to add some more work up there soon as well. Right now, you can grab tiny griffins for yourself and for your friends, woo hoo!

Here are places you can find me:

ohcolden asked: Dude, You rock! love your blog.

Aw shucks, I’m tickled pink!! Thanks!

Tiny Griffin! The first in a mini series of mini mythological creatures.

Some animal sketches because I really don’t do enough of them. Always learnin’! (Spent about 5 minutes on each of them.)

The fantastic pastel opal witch atop her flying trapo drinking her signature cup of Cuban coffee. (I actually have shoes like those in black.)

Work in progress Witchsona. Sleep now, finish tomorrow.

Young Howl Jenkins for the Miyazaki Collab over in twitter! I’m having a lot of fun with these.

My submission to the Super Smash Collab! Thanks to @Jaimonster on twitter for putting it all together. You can follow me on twitter @AudreyGonzalez


I made this piece for Danielle LaCasse for the Make My Holiday art trade through Light Grey Art Lab. Hope ya dig, Danielle! Happy holidays everybody!

migz8793 asked: Hi! Your work is awesome! especially the postcard you made for the light grey art lab :) Can you give me tips on creating typography? and also, what kind of paper is suitable for printing digital art? Thanks!

Thanks Mike! 

Typography is something that I am still in the process of learning myself and I am by no means an expert. The lettering for the postcard piece I did for Light Grey Art Lab is hand done, first in pencil and then painted in photoshop. Maybe not the cleanest or most efficient way of doing it, but that is the story on that one. My suggestion to you and to anyone wanting to learn more about type and lettering would be to collect a bunch of examples of what you consider to be aesthetically pleasing and effective in a file, Pinterest board or mood board. You will gain a greater understanding of what you like and find some design ideas or techniques you might want to apply to your own work. 

Another thing that helps me out when designing type is to think about the negative space and positive space of the piece simultaneously. In this way, it is a lot like illustration in that you have to be conscious of how shapes interact with one other to create balance. You want type to be legible just like you want to be able to lead the viewer’s eye through an illustration. Most importantly, learning the anatomy of type will really help you understand why letters work the way they do and how you can manipulate them to your liking. HERE is a great resource to get you started!

As far as suitable paper for printing art, it depends! Matte papers are great because they do not give off any glare and are all but invincible to smudgy fingerprints. However, they do tend to be less vibrant than a gloss or semi-gloss paper because absorb pigment quite a bit more. Semi-gloss strikes a good balance between not too glare-prone and being truer to what you have on your computer screen. So, if your art is dependent on the vibrant nature of your colors or you have a lot of subtle detail in dark tones, you might be better off with semi-gloss. Experiment and see what you like best! Hope this helps!

This is the final piece and some images of the physical postcards that I made for the 6 Degrees show at Light Grey Art Lab. The show opens this Friday, so if you are in the area, check it out and let me know what it’s like! Large prints of this image as well as limited edition postcards can be purchased HERE for a limited time! 

A few weeks ago, I was rummaging through old photos and found some hidden gems. These are some quick environment paintings I did from photos I took during my time in Kansas City at the Illustration Academy. Each took a little over an hour to complete.

Never posted a photo of my #ctnexpo haul! Excuse me while I roll around in this pile of awesome.


I am thrilled to be taking part in Light Grey Art Lab’s 6 Degrees show that opens this December! All of the participating artists were asked to create a postcard that depicts something unique about their hometown. Since I am from Miami (a.k.a. North Cuba, The 305, etc.) I decided to show a young girl in a frilly Quinceañera dress coasting through mangrove tunnels on the back of an alligator. In the latin culture, a quinceañera is a coming of age celebration for young women who are turning 15 years old, a lot like a sweet 16 or a bat mitzvah. They are extravagant events that bring friends and family together, and while I never had one, I have attended several and was part of the “court” for my cousin’s back in the day. So this is kind of like a late quinceañera present to myself hahaha. I will be posting the final art and pictures of the physical postcards soon, so stay tuned!