Rough sketch for something I want to finish up real soon. Sometimes, I really dig sketchy messy things.

The crossover Gotham deserves.

#inktober day 5! My new pet plant. #kuretakeinktober #pigmainktober

Inktober day 3 started as one thing and morphed into another. I just went with it :) #inktober #kuretakeinktober #pigmainktober #illustration

Some lion studies for #inktober day 2 in preparation for a piece I want to do about The Ghost and The Darkness. #kuretakeinktober #pigmainktober #illustration

whispernshoutt-457 asked: Hello! Your tiny unicorns showed up on my dash and I loved them so much I went to go check out your blog and follow you and I just spent 15 minutes looking at all your art, I was sad when I couldn't scroll down any further, your art is amazing and I hope you have a wonderful day:)

whispernshoutt-457 This has been sitting in my inbox for a while and I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to say thank you! You have made my year! :D I will work on putting content up more frequently so there will be more to scroll through. <3

Inktober Day 1!

corvidheart suggested that I draw Wonder Woman with color group 3. I had some difficulty deciding between depicting her in her more recognizable uniform or in her pants and jacket version. Ultimately, I decided on the former since the color scheme didn’t exactly scream “Wonder Woman” As it is, she’s kind of reminding me of She Hulk; not a terrible thing in my opinion!

My submission for fifthelementbook! I have always loved the scene where Leeloo is learning all about the world while munching on chicken. I thought I could expand that scene a bit by including hints from other parts of the film.

There’s less than an hour to pledge to the Kickstarter! If you want to be able to own one of these books, this is your chance!! Whether or not I am included, it’s going to be hecka rad.

My good friend raquelkidd suggested that I paint Midna in color palette #9 from the character and color meme. This is for you Kel baby ;)

I have a bunch of things I need to do but… this looks like too much fun and I want to take part before it becomes irrelevant haha.

Yubaba for @SGMGardner's Ghibli Ladies Collab on twitter. Don't touch her gold or she'll mess you up!

Tiny Griffin Is Part Cat, Part Hummingbird—And Entirely Adorable ›

My Tiny Griffin was posted to io9 earlier today! Thanks to Lauren Davis for featuring my work!

zipper3501 asked: Hey, I stumbled across your blog when I saw your tiny unicorns and thought they were amazing! You're really talented!

zipper3501 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment! I am so happy that you liked the unicorns! More from my Mini Myths series will be on the way as soon as I finish up a couple projects that I am working on.

Take care!

Kel Kimble for #SNICKCollab on twitter! Kel and Orange Soda were always my OTP.

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